The DermaCo
Pro VX 6-in-1

personalise your treatment for each client.



The NEW DermaCo Pro VX machine (Versatile eXchange of treatments) has been developed to offer an affordable solution encompassing a range of treatments for the professional salon. The DermaCo Pro VX has been designed and built in the UK and offers best in British manufacturing and engineering.

Remember our machines are British made - we take pride in the quality and customer care we provide & to ensure DermaCo are Number 1 for value and quality in the UK.

You will not find a 6 in 1 machine as competitively priced in the UK market which is British made, if you do we will refund the difference and also add an extra 10% to that refund! - thats a promise.

Featured in Guild News July 2016

VIDEO Download the DermaCo Pro VX promotional video from you tube and use it on your website. 

This video has already been downloaded 17k  times from You Tube *

*AUGUST 2018


All our machines are built and assembled in the UK. Our casing is our trade mark and designed and built in Bristol by DermaCo. Our stands are also made in Bristol, England.

We use the best quality materials to ensure our machines are the best!

EX DEMO Machines.

Peridodically we have an ex demo machine available for sale. The machine will naturally include a 12 month warranty and can save you money if you are working on a tight budget. 

Call the office for more details. 01666 503 570


 Trade in your old machine in 2019 and receive a great deal!