DermaCo PDT was launched at the Professional Beauty Show held in Manchester (Autumn 2015). PDT (Photo Dynamic Therapy) is the latest British Built machine DermaCo supply to UK salons. 

The technology allows an easy solution treating:

RED LIGHT treat Anti-ageing skin

BLUE LIGHT treat Acne

PINK LIGHT for Deep set Wrinkles and The immune System

Faradic Current - Faradic - the DermaCo PDT incorporates and uses a low Faradic current to stimulate the nerve endings in order to force the muscle to contract. This excerises the muscles for the client to tone and tighten them.

The DermaCo PDT incorporates these pads into the treatment. The level can be adjusted and they will autommatically turn off after 10 minutes. This can be re set if desired.

A fully detailed manual outlines all of the treatments.

Priced at £2995 (ex VAT) to include all marketing materials and training of up x 4 therapists.