Monday, 12 November 2018

Happy Birthday DermaCo !

Image: Happy Birthday DermaCo !

DermaCo is a brand you can trust. 

Through 10 years of working closely to our customers needs, DermaCo offers one of the top beauty hardware brands in the UK. We have built our reputation on value, customer support and reliability.

As we move into our 10th year of serving the Beauty Industry. The best selling DermaCo PRO VX machine is built and assembled in the UK and now sold to countless salons right across the UK and beyond!

The unque case design and build is designed by DermaCo and ONLY available from DermaCo. 

We look forward to supporting our customers and welcoming new customers as we move into an exciting 2019. 

Thank You for the many Best Wishes!!

The DermaCo Team.